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Are you bored of opening one by one the same websites, files, applications?

Stop doing manually the same actions every day, over and over! Use CogMeow!

Press only ONE button or ONE keyboard shortcut to perform 'em all!

  --> Download now CogMeow for FREE on <--



  • 7 wonderfur buttons!
  • each button can perform multiple tasks of your choice with a single click
  • each button has a keyboard shortcut, to be even faster!
  • CogMeow has a global shortcut too so you can recall CogMeow while using other apps! ("⌘`" for the majority of keyboards (including English), "⌘<" for most European keyboards. Different keyboard layouts have different symbols on the first key to the right of the Left Shift!)
  • easy button setup thanks to the wizard!
  • lightweight, free, and cute :3


Those beautiful kittens are drawn by Selene Viola, follow her at Blaite's Wall !

For any problem or suggestion please contact me at